Hotel Particulier : Le Charme Parisien


Everyone who travels or has traveled to Paris probably loves many little different aspects and experiences about it, however I think Paris will always boil down to its charm. The cobble stone streets, the ancient architecture, the museums full of the most iconic pieces of art, Les Petite Cafes or Les Bar Tabac, the never-changing impressive fashion, the shops, and the charming boutique style hotels where we rest our heads at night. A quintessential example of its charm is a place like Hotel Particulier, a restored aristocratic mansion, coining in on the french name for what can be described as an urban “private house”. The Boutique Hotel is located in Monmartre, one of my favorite parts of Paris, amidst a brilliant view of the Sacre Coeur. The hotel has been open since July of 2007 but has had a recent addition to its experience. Nestled in this narrow, small, discreet and chic building is a brand new boutique to discover, offering the most private/luxury shopping experience.







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