I Tried a New Technique Today!

becca-backlight-make up for ever smoothing


becca-backlight-make up for ever smoothing

You guys, you already know that I’m a big fan of layering primers and using different primers to address different concerns and specific areas of my skin. Well, I tried a new layering technique today, and I’m frickin’ lovin’ the results.

I usually start with a primer that has a little subtle shimmer for glow and radiance, then layer a heavier duty pore-blurring primer on top to smooth everything out, but today I reversed the order. I did the pore-blurring primer first (you gotta give Make Up For Ever Smoothing Primer a try), then patted shimmery BECCA Backlight on top.

LOVE. My skin looked smooth, and since I applied the shimmery primer on top of the pore-blurring primer (which tends to matte everything down), it still looked radiant and glowing and natural too, even after I layered my foundation on top, which is exactly the look I’m always trying to get.


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